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Wednesday, 26 October 2022

Repairing (not pre-paring) Rohan for war

 My Rohan army like all my Lord of the Rings project was a slow grow, not the painting, the building of the force. I had collected from Car boots, Jumble sales, Bring and Buys, I had been given a few! 

The one thing they had in common was, "battle worn", these had seen many tabletop battles and the very large majority were broken, missing parts, bases etc. Why would a "renowned" game producer have a horse that mounts to a base by only one leg, is beyond me. Anyway this was why I managed to get these as cheap as I did I suppose.

Now I had my 80 or so figures, it was time to sort and repair, then paint. Super glue, plastic glue and hot glue gun at the ready, I was on a mission.

I repaired them in batches of ten, which allowed the glue to go off as some /most needed multiple repairsto both riders, broken weapons and the horses. 

DSC05563(1)    Base_Repair_1_(5) Base_Repair_1_(6) Base_Repair_1_(7) I

I would recommend gluing all the LotR Cavalry like this to reinforce the horses feet. Base_Repair_1_(8) 105516046_10158446931347618_1839960713464445067_o(1)

I even managed to get full sprues which helpedWIP_(2)

Here are some of the repaired, converted and finished Rohan.WIP_4_(2) WIP_5_(3) WIP_8_(8) WIP_8_(9) WIP_8_(11) WIP_8_(12) WIP_8_(12) DSC07557


  1. never got into lord of the ring game, but I do have several armies in boxes - consisting of many "cheaply acquired" damaged etc purchases, that I am sure to one day get to repairing, honest - the hot glue idea I will have to look at to, as not thought of using it this way! Thanks for the interesting read!