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Monday, 11 July 2022

WWII 8th Army, in 20mm

I have decided I need to build a small 8th army force, having only the Axis, I need something for them to fight. So here is the start of another project. The infantry will be arriving soon from Plastic Soldier Company and then I will look at which force to build

 I was given these 1/76th scale Vickers MKVI's on Saturday, after our Tobruk game. Two required for Thursday game.

I made the  B variant. Started from kits yesterday, with stowage. I will see at a later date which unit to make, hence no decals. My Grants are sitting in the American car park and have never seen action in the 30 to 40 years I have had them, so maybe?

Undercoat of off white, then Skeleton Bone Contrast, Agrax Wash, heavy dry brush Humbrol Khaki Drill (72). Tracks Red Brown Tamiya 64, dry Brush Chain Mail, Dry Brush Earth and highlight Humbrol Khaki Drill (72).



Now onto the Infantry. I got a box of 8th Army from the Plastic Soldier Company and although not the greatest resin, they do the job. I decided to undercoat in bone white, paint the flesh, any brown and then a brown wash. Here is the result so far: 

DSC01069 DSC01070 DSC01071

First Battalion Completed, in just two days. a couple of figures reassigned to other duties!
How I painted them: Bone White/ off white primer, block paint flesh, packs, etc Khaki  Drill (Humbrol 72/ Coat D'Arms 537 Faded Khaki), Rifles, Boots Tamiya Flat Brown 10. Then wash with Agax earthshade/ Medium tone wash, Varnish and base.


3" Mortar. The one on the left has my test figures on it. Medic in front, just needs finishing off. I used the Walking Bren Gun Loader.

A brace of MMGs, I need another one! AT Rifle in front (converted a Bren gunner). 2" Mortar next to that. Two Bren Gun teams.

AOP Team

Four Infantry Companies.

Battalion HQ Stand and 2" Mortar on the move! 

Monday, 18 October 2021

28mm Saxon Army Pt 2 - Finished and complete

 This army was made and painted during the first lockdown last year, here is link for the build:   

Phil's Wargames Stuff: 28mm Saxon Army (

It is all based for Sword and Spear, although it can be used for other systems, eg: Kings of War, Hail Ceasar, Impetus, WAB to name a few. But I only really play Sword and Spear now, due to it's ease of play and easily learnt by a new player.

Most of the Fryd are Warlord games (the old Wargames Atlantic) and The Thegns are a mix of Victrix Anglo Danes, Warlord and a few Gripping Beast and Foundry in there somewhere.

Shields are a combination of Decals which came with Warlord figures, Big Man Studios, The Internet (then resize) and hand painted. all these styles were mixed up with units for variety.

Still yet to hit the table but my Normans are ready, almost!

The Complete Army 

Mounted General and two Sub-Commanders
Armoured Thegns 


Cavalry are Gripping Beast Plastic "Dark age cavalry".

More Fyrd 

Skirmish units, or I can add the 5 extra bowmen to a 
15 man Sabot to make a unit of Medium foot Bows.

Slingers are Foundry, Javelins are kit bashed from Conquest Archers Torsos and Warlord Games bits & arms) 

Monday, 4 October 2021

More Ottomans Part 2

More Sekbans

Two more Regts of Nazim-i-Cedid

One more unit of Janissaries, 3 units of Sekbans and 6 units of horse

Guess what?

The Army (on right), deployed for action at the Battle of Ruse 1811, vs the Russians on the left 

Left Wing

Center Command

Right Wing

Janissary and Nazim-I-Cedit (Reserve) 
Off table in first image

Wednesday, 1 September 2021

The Battle of Schwarze Katze am Mais - 20mm WWII using Rapid Fire rules

The Battle of Schwarze Katze am Mais or Black Cat on the Corn, a fictional battle set in the latter stages of WWII.
All figures and vehicles are 20mm and with the terrain from my collection.
My opponent Rob, was thrown into a large-ish game for his second foray into Rapid Fire 2 rule.

The Allied forces are pushing the Axis forces back towards the Fatherland. A US Division has been ordered to push onto Remagen bridge and link with the US Forces there. A small combat command has been tasked with clearing the village of Schwarze Katze am Mais and securing the bridges across  one of the tributaries of the Rhine River.

View from the Shitezen Forest. The German occupied the heights and the village.

The retreating Germans could deploy anywhere within and to left of the three woods, and would all could be dug in.

Regimental HQ  6 figs Could also observe for artillery.

1st Infantry Battalion 45 Figs (use the LMG and close range assault rifle rule)

Panzershreck, 3 Panzerfausts, 120mm Mortar, 2 MMGs, 75mm PaK40, 75mm IG.

2nd Infantry Battalion 39 Figs 

Panzershreck, 3 Panzerfausts, 81mm Mortar, 2 MMGs.

1 STuG III 75mm

1 Panther 75mm 

2 Panzer IV 75mm

2 105mm Howitzers + Observer

Luftwaffe AA detachment 16 Figs 

1 Company LW infantry, 88mm Flak, 20mm Flak


Taskforce Pont-Henri had been given the task. 

The US CC Force 

Regimental HQ  6 figs Could also observe for artillery.

1st Armoured Infantry Battalion 53 Figs

4 Bazookas, 60mm Mortar, 81mm Mortar, HMG, MMG, Flamethrower, 57mm AT Gun, 75mm M8 GMC

 2nd Lorried Infantry Battalion 48 Figs

4 Bazookas, 60mm Mortar, 81mm Mortar, HMG, MMG, Flamethrower, 57mm AT Gun,

Armoured Combat Engineer Company 8 Figs

1 Bazookas, Flamethrower.

1st Tank Company

1 Sherman 76mm, 2 Sherman 75mm

SP Tank Destroyer Company

2 M18 Hellcats.

1st Armoured Cavalry Recce Troop 9 Figs

1 M8 Greyhound, 2 Armoured Jeeps (VMG)

Field Artillery

Observer Team

2 105mm Howitzers, 2 155mm Long Toms (every other turn) 


1 A20 Havoc (3 bomb runs pre game), German AA can attempt to shoot.

1 P51 Mustang (1 Medium Bombs, 6 HMGs)

The US force approach end

Just before dawn the sound of aircraft approaching, awoke the tired AA units, and they prepared for the imminent attack.

The A20 over the target of the first bomb run. Second Run, saw it shot down. 

The recon troop push ahead of the main thrust. 

The PaK Opens up and destroys one of  the recon jeeps.

Turn 5- STuG brewed a Sherman 75. 

At this point my camera ran out of battery, and we resume on turn 6

The STuG took a heavy damage in turn 4, moved back in turn 5, then received a light damage

The Sherman 75 in the right wood causing the damage to the STuG (which missed all it's shots)

The off table artillery was destroying buildings and now German casualties were mounting.
An M18 was targeting the house on the left in the far distance

P51 turn up, only to be shot down by the AA 20mm.


Fighting rage across the front.

The STuG now became a victim of the "76" 

The lorried US Battalion were now on their first morale check & became pinned down.

We broke for lunch only to have a Panther appear, that neither side knew about! 

Turn 8 -German turn started with both battalions on morale checks, which both passed

Turn 9 Saw the Germans on consecutive morale checks, which they both passed again

The 76 became a victim of the Panther (proper tank, not Kitty)
The German 1st battalion filed their morale and routed off table,
leaving the US force to push up into the village.

The last remaining Sherman failed it's morale & routed

The Armoured battalion's flamethrower then brewed the Panther.

The rest of the US CC push on through the village & The P IVs took their wrath on the Hellcats,
only to have the heavy artillery come down and destroy one 

The US Armoured battalion failed a morale check and had to retire to cover

The lorried battalion flame thrower attacked the luftwaffe company in the ruined shop and the Engineers attacked the IG with a flamethrower. 
The German 1st battalion failed a morale check and the troops routed off table.

At this point, the Germans gave up the village and the last Panzer IV and the Luftwaffe followed their colleagues into the forest to find the rest of the retreating German army.