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Saturday, 4 July 2020

Bizory 4th Jan 1945- 20mm Rapid Fire rules

Jan 2019 BGS saw Dave and I played a scenario from Rapid Fire's Battle of the Bulge book. All American forces are from my collection, and the Germans are from Dave Barnes' collection
 photo DSC02986_zps0613831b.jpg

A divisional sized game with each figure representing approx 45 men and each vehicle representing 5.
Spotting was reduced to 36" throughout the game due to the bad December weather in 1944, and there was no long range for small arms (max firing would be 24")
The Germans had 3 turns worth of pre-bombardment of the area with 2 batteries of 105mm and 2 turns from a Nebelwerfer (Rockets), they did not hit anything.
The Table 8' x 6' the Germans can advance from anywhere along the far table edge, Americans had hidden deployment and all the infantry were dug in (except the company of Engineers that I forgot about)

 photo DSC01590_zps204jbktg.jpg

The American force
 photo DSC01599_zpsf3tvmmkz.jpg

CCB (Combat Command B)
 photo DSC01593_zpsjzfuktsv.jpg

501st Airborne Regt - Elite
 photo DSC01595_zpshzxqfwpl.jpg

Task Force Davall
 photo DSC01596_zpsygwcwvtz.jpg

Task Force Wall
 photo DSC01597_zpsfgpmwsru.jpg

Task Force Kennedy
 photo DSC01598_zpsgsgbfraw.jpg

Artillery Support. One of the Batteries was only available for three turns
 photo DSC01592_zpsitw7kwme.jpg

REINFORCEMENTS, due on turn 11
Task Force O'Hara
 photo DSC01594_zpsvui0aktl.jpg

The German Force
 photo DSC01600_zpse8fkbng8.jpg

SS Panzer Grenadier Regt - Elite
 photo DSC01601_zpskqkoni1f.jpg

SS Panzer Tank Division - Elite
 photo DSC01602_zpsl3pqbenh.jpg

Volksgrenadier Divison- Poor
 photo DSC01603_zpsvk0s6kto.jpg

Turn 1
King Tiger appears, along with a general advance along the German lines. American spots it and successfully calls the off table Artillery
 photo DSC01606_zpsqabsjv8x.jpg
Boom, first blood!
 photo DSC01605_zpshcianaec.jpg

Turn 2. The American successfully call army HQ and get the use of a Regt of 155mm Long Toms for 3 turns (General Fire Support). but fail to call the 2 regt of artillery in DSF (Direct Fire Support)
The SS Armoured Grenadiers got hit by some US units in reserve fire (ambush). A lead halftrack and a towed AT gun are destroyed. But a Jagdpanzer takes out a US Sherman 76mm
 photo DSC01610_zpso1skuddq.jpg

The Lead US units on one of the ridges opens fire on a lorried Grenadier unit and destroys the lorry an 2 men in reserve fire and then the US 30cal is taken out. The 50Cal kills another 4 men from the unit.
 photo DSC01611_zpsp0a5ohtf.jpg

The Volksgrenadiers advance
 photo DSC01612_zpsnmnutmp2.jpg

End of turn 2
 photo DSC01609_zps9lb6rjm4.jpg

Turn 3
The American artillery Destroys a Jagdpanzer and a Panther (with some lucky dice rolls) Sherman causes heavy damages the German start to take casualties as the dug in US units start to lay fire down and the Shermans start to take damage, A Jackson moves out and misses its target
 photo DSC01624_zpscugwbnbz.jpg

HD to the HQ Halftrack and a destroyed Drilling (Bit blurred, due to incoming).
 photo DSC01623_zps2ctrz0kj.jpg

Turn 4
Taking heavy casualties the Germans try and break into Bizory but a 76mm Sherman is Waiting over the hill and takes out the Jagdpanther (lucky rolls again)
 photo DSC01625_zpslsqlgiee.jpg

More successful US Arty
 photo DSC01626_zps0wuaaqwz.jpg

The US casualties are building
 photo DSC01627_zpsx7woprhi.jpg

 photo DSC01628_zpsgpeoocko.jpg

Meanwhile the Volkgrenadiers are having a hard time of it trying to dig the US paras out, making their advance almost impossible
 photo DSC01629_zpsbwhspgrf.jpg

Turn 5
This is a do or die for the Germans, having lost almost all their armour and bang, a road block!
 photo DSC01631_zps5d1qvfqm.jpg

The US armour now advance and attacks the Panzers in the centre.
 photo DSC01633_zps8pazllvf.jpg

 photo DSC01634_zpsz3v5amh8.jpg

The Volksgrenadiers are finding the going tough, the Airborne are not moving without a fight
 photo DSC01635_zpsxzqit79k.jpg

Turn 6
Germans are losing more armour to artillery and the Sherman 76's and losing infantry to the Sherman 75's and MG's and small arms from along the front.
 photo DSC01638_zpstwapyase.jpg

 photo DSC01639_zpsqutkc6ld.jpg

The Hetzer supporting the Volks takes a out a Sherman after about 3 turns of firing at each other and missing
 photo DSC01640_zps9yu28yla.jpg

Turn 7
3 more Shermans burst over a ridge in the centre and finish the battle for the Germans did not have enough armour to take their objectives
 photo DSC01643_zpsiqm1k3d6.jpg

 photo DSC01644_zpsfh74pzuu.jpg

At this point, as in reality, the German commander decided to pull what forces he had left as they would be needed for the defence of the Fatherland!
 photo DSC01645_zpstjmb2ckr.jpg

 photo DSC01647_zpsk63bkjjx.jpg

 photo DSC01648_zps5msmnwza.jpg

Saturday, 27 June 2020

25mm Lord of the Rings - Skirmish game- LotR rules

The scenario was to get Theoden off the other end of the table (no time limit), and for the Forces of Evil to capture or kill him. He had 36 Rohan which would test at half strength for morale, and another Character. The Easterlings had 6 Kataphrakts, 5 Archers, 5 Warriors & a Captain with two 13 man units (with Captains) of Haradrim.

We used the LotR rules

All of the Army of Evil were all freshly painted, so I did not rate our success, but......

Harry the Harad, deploy his units blocking the way to the bridge, the Easterlings entered the table turn 1 and the Rohan started on table. Casualties -(face down are dead, face up are stunned)

Turn 1
 photo DSC01223_zpssatzhhbx.jpg

Easterling set up:
 photo DSC01224_zpsdhggongl.jpg

Harad set up:
 photo DSC01225_zpsx15pl9kf.jpg

Rohan set up:
 photo DSC01226_zpsdiwxyhiy.jpg

Full deployment:
 photo DSC01227_zpskarmvld3.jpg

Harad lost 2 men on turn one from archery
 photo DSC01230_zpsp5eml9yg.jpg

Turn 2
Rohan advance
 photo DSC01231_zps8xatgy6p.jpg

As do the Easterlings
 photo DSC01232_zpsh6wv1n8c.jpg

 photo DSC01239_zpshcwoq3ai.jpg

The Easterlings need to secoure the bridge quickly.
 photo DSC01235_zpslmhljazv.jpg

Turn 3
Easterlings are almost in the fray
 photo DSC01241_zpszm47nlmx.jpg

Rohan cavalry charge a couple of isolated Harad left of the monoliths (made by Dave)
 photo DSC01242_zpsx4ymcuxn.jpg

But the Rohan only managed to push the Harad back.
 photo DSC01243_zpsy3btgrls.jpg

The rest of the Rohan push towards the center
 photo DSC01244_zpslcnrewyy.jpg

Turn 5
 photo DSC01247_zpskl53u7wl.jpg

 photo DSC01248_zpsp07jgxdh.jpg

 photo DSC01249_zpszpqxg094.jpg

The Rohan try & finish of the couple of Harad
 photo DSC01250_zpsbqzbogri.jpg

They kill one and knock the other three down
 photo DSC01252_zpssypph2eo.jpg

Turn 6
 photo DSC01254_zpsaxuszryr.jpg

The Easterling cavalry now can charge in
 photo DSC01255_zpsogbm9usb.jpg

 photo DSC01257_zpsrlunhlib.jpg

Two dead Rohan
 photo DSC01258_zpsra6cnear.jpg

Securing the bridge
 photo DSC01256_zpsj00q4wyx.jpg

More downed Harad, by spears this time
 photo DSC01259_zpsh29o7jcz.jpg

Turn 7
The Forces of Evil charge in along it's line
 photo DSC01261_zpsgvd6iul4.jpg

 photo DSC01262_zpsavqgxcpf.jpg

 photo DSC01264_zpsvfmimqas.jpg

Another Harad bites the dust
 photo DSC01265_zps3ha5jedi.jpg

as do more Rohan fall
 photo DSC01266_zpsniyd08vv.jpg

 photo DSC01267_zpsqsdfnua1.jpg

Turn 8
The Rohan are close to a Morale and will need reinforcements very soon
 photo DSC01269_zpsv4kdwc5z.jpg

More casualties for both sides
 photo DSC01270_zpsmrcckvxj.jpg

 photo DSC01271_zpsepviduyz.jpg

Rohan 2iC being attacked
 photo DSC01273_zpsixrzkr2o.jpg

Turn 9
Rohan lost about 6 men from Morale failure this turn so we decide to role for reserves for Rohan D6 of figures appear (4)
 photo DSC01276_zpsp1i2qed2.jpg

All the Rohan are in melee, the Easterling warriors come and secure the northern end of the bridge.
 photo DSC01277_zpseo9dydvv.jpg

 photo DSC01278_zpsl9l9wexo.jpg

At this point, Rohan took 4 more casualties and Theoden failed his own morale, so was captured.

Win to the Forces of Evil