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Saturday, 5 November 2022

Lord of the Rings - Rohan, Minis Tirith & Numenor

Collected these two forces of a period of ten years or so, at B&B, car boot sales, etc. All but about ten of the Rohirrim Cavalry were broken in some form or other, broken off the base, broken weapons, etc. All repaired and ready to fight the forces of Sauron. 

  Theoden- King of the Rohan

1_(3) Theoden_(5) Theoden_(4)
Eomer- Captain of Rohan

Royal Guard

Royal Knights
DSC07261 DSC07557

The Rohirrim host charge! About 80 cavalry here.

The Oath Sworn Infantry

Charging the Mumaks of the Harad.

Men of Minis Tirith. Some of these were given to me by a chap that had left them in his car over a hot summer, and many had no features, having melted, repaired all the warped weapon and scratched back some features back on the models and here is and army that cost me about £5.00 (buying the Knights at a Car boot sale).

DSC07495 DSC07496

Citadel Guard

Knights of Minis Tirith, Lead by Faramir

Men of Numenor, Different Tolkien age, I know, but they were Free!  

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