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Monday, 18 October 2021

28mm Saxon Army Pt 2 - Finished and complete

 This army was made and painted during the first lockdown last year, here is link for the build:   

Phil's Wargames Stuff: 28mm Saxon Army (

It is all based for Sword and Spear, although it can be used for other systems, eg: Kings of War, Hail Ceasar, Impetus, WAB to name a few. But I only really play Sword and Spear now, due to it's ease of play and easily learnt by a new player.

Most of the Fryd are Warlord games (the old Wargames Atlantic) and The Thegns are a mix of Victrix Anglo Danes, Warlord and a few Gripping Beast and Foundry in there somewhere.

Shields are a combination of Decals which came with Warlord figures, Big Man Studios, The Internet (then resize) and hand painted. all these styles were mixed up with units for variety.

Still yet to hit the table but my Normans are ready, almost!

The Complete Army 

Mounted General and two Sub-Commanders
Armoured Thegns 


Cavalry are Gripping Beast Plastic "Dark age cavalry".

More Fyrd 

Skirmish units, or I can add the 5 extra bowmen to a 
15 man Sabot to make a unit of Medium foot Bows.

Slingers are Foundry, Javelins are kit bashed from Conquest Archers Torsos and Warlord Games bits & arms) 

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