Sunday, 14 July 2013

King of War

My Son Ian, challenged me to a game of KoW at the club. Here are a couple of pics.1500pts from new rules with use of artifacts.
I have a few armies and picked a Goblin army, to see how they fared on their own, without their big cousin Orcs to protect them. They did fine and won by 1000 points.
With the new Ogre list imminent, cannot wait to see how my Ogres fare!
On the workbench, I still have Ogres, Lizards, Orc and Goblin Hordes and more knights to finish. I tend to use one army and then I finish off the troops on the bench to complete the army.
In September, I intend to run four KoW leagues, 4 players in each,then a knock out Phase.
                                                     Goblins vs Kingdoms of Men

 photo DSC03297_zps7d305867.jpg

The Big Clash
 photo DSC03302_zps5fa4d11e.jpg

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