Sunday, 7 April 2013

WWII Bolt Action

The Warlords were at Skirmish in March and we put on a demonstration game of 28mm WWII using Bolt Action Rules. We fought German vs British using 1000 pts each.

 photo DSC03070_zps7fe0a294.jpg

The German Force
4 x 6man Veteran Squads - Assault Rifles
1 x 5man Veteran Squads - Assault Rifles
4 x 5man Regular Squads - Combination of Assault Rifles and Rifles
1x 120mm Mortar, plus spotter
2 x Officer Teams (both +2 Morale)
 photo DSC03073_zps7634e6ca.jpg

 photo DSC03074_zpsed83a892.jpg

The British Force
2 x 8man Regular Squads - Bren & Rifles
4 x 5man Regular Squads - Bren & Rifles
2 x MMG teams
2 x 3" Mortar teams, plus spotters
2 x Medics
2 x Officers (+2)
2 x Sniper Teams
Free FO (Forward Artillery Observer)
 photo DSC03075_zps7b4fb78c.jpg

 photo DSC03076_zps7c6f2bfc.jpg

The Battlefield (German entry end)
 photo DSC03072_zpsf83d0196.jpg

(British entry end)
 photo DSC03071_zpse42afc9c.jpg

The Scenario was to control both bridges by the end of turn six.

All the FO's and spotters were placed and turn 1 and 2 were both side moving towards their objectives. Turn 2 saw the British FO place his artillery marker down in a bend in the road on the german side (red Counter in the road).
Turn three and it came in as Dave (British) rolled a six so KABOOM, the "arty" comes in. although it only took out two infantry, it succeeded in pinning 5 units,
 photo DSC03103_zpsa9f07ed4.jpg

Even with pins the Veteran units on the German left still advanced an fired, but to little effect.
By turn 4, the Germans recovered enough and took the main road bridge.
The British tried to outflank the German unit on the bridge.
 photo DSC03105_zps23227354.jpg

But a small German Vet unit was covering that flank and destroyed the British unit with their Deadly firing Assault Rifles.
 photo DSC03104_zps2e060cc8.jpg

Situation, Game turn 4. Germans hold Road bridge and British hold foot bridge.
 photo DSC03106_zps125ee119.jpg

The German unit on bridge used a rally order and lost all its pins (yellow counters), and next turn would assault the officer across the bridge.
By turn five the British who crossed the foot bridge had been pushed back across the bridge, the MMG, Officer and two units on the road bridge side of the table were destroyed.
 photo DSC03107_zpsfeaedd23.jpg

 photo DSC03108_zps231b49d4.jpg

The last units of British
 photo DSC03110_zpse4c98943.jpg

Turn six saw the Germans advance on the British right flank from the road bridge and with no British units on , or over the foot bridge, it was a win for the Germans.

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